I Believe God: a 40-day healing journey

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 I Believe God: a 40 day healing journey

Since Robyn’s leukemia diagnosis on December 31st, I’ve posted a daily update to Facebook on her condition, how people could pray or something the Lord has been teaching us. Friends began to comment about the posts being turned into a devotional. So about a week ago, Robyn and I launched a Kickstarter Campaign to publish the book.

If you’d like a copy (or multiple copies) of the book, then please check out the campaign by CLICKING HERE. From the beginning, Robyn nor I have wanted to waste this trial. Our hope and prayer has been that the Lord would use us through this process.

One of the things Robyn mentioned a couple days ago was needing to review all the Lord has been teaching us. There’s been so much. The most powerful lessons and truths will be what makes it into the book. The good news is that these truths aren’t just for us. No matter what difficulties you’re facing, the Lord wants to encourage you and equip you to see the breakthrough you need or to endure well until it comes.

Even though we’ve reached our minimum funding goal for the book to be published, our hope is that many more people would make a pledge and receive the book. We believe it will be life-changing. It already has been for us.

 I Believe God: a 40 day healing journey

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